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24 Jazz Etudes for Tenor Saxophone (Book and CD)


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24 Jazz Etudes for Tenor Saxophone(Book and CD)
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Bill Holcombe; Grades 4-6; The 24 Jazz Etudes, one in every key, are in a variety of jazz styles. The etudes are quite challenging and are based on the chord changes of standard jazz tunes. In addition to the "written out" etudes, the chord symbols are included so you can practice your own improvisations. The included CD comes with the rhythm section along with just the rhythm section tracks.

Contents of the included CD:
(tenor sax and rhythm section both channels; tenor sax: left channel only; rhythm section: right channel only)


1.  Tuning Note
2.  C Major
3.  A Minor
4.  F Major
5.  D Minor
6.  Bb Major
7.  G Minor
8.  Eb Major
9.  C Minor
10. Ab Major
11. F Minor
12. Db Minor
13. Bb Major
14.  Gb Major
15.  Eb Minor
16.  B Major
17.  G# Minor
18.  E Major
19.  G# Minor
20.  A Major
21.  F# Minor
22.  D Major
23.  B Minor
24.  G Major
25.  E Minor 

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