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24 Jazz Etudes for Flute (Book and CD)


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24 Jazz Etudes for Flute (Book and CD)
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Bill Holcombe; Grades 4-6; Here's 24 jazz etudes, one in each key, written in a variety of jazz styles: swing, latin, ballad and rock. They can be played unaccompanied or with a piano and rhythm section (chord symbols included). This is truly an essential guide for jazz and modern rhythmic patterns.

 Flute and Rhythm section Both Channels; Flute left channel only; Rhythm section right channel only.

Contents of the CD:

1.  Tuning Note
2.  C Major
3.  A mino
4.  F Major
5.  D minor
6.  Bb Major
7.  G Minor
8.  Eb Major
9.  C Minor
10. Ab Major
11. F Minor
12. Bb Minor
13. Db Major
14. Gb Major
15. Eb Minor
16. B Major
17. G# Minor
18. E Major
19. G# Minor
20. A Major
21. F# Minor
22. D Major
23. B Minor
24. G Major
25. E Minor


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