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George Genna's Jazz Stylings for the Piano


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George Genna; Grades 3-5; George Genna is an accomplished composer, arranger, conductor and accompanist.  His published compositions include varied groups of chamber works, piano solos and jazz ensemble works.  In the 1980's, he collaborated with Bill Holcombe to write the Contemporary Flute Solos in Pop/Jazz Styles(FS001) for Musicians Publications.  We are happy to have George back with this new project.  The songs in this book are original compositiions based on the chord progressions of familiar standard songs.  It is intended for teachers and students who are not jazz players but who like jazz and want to get some experience playing that style.  Not a method book; not a "how-to" book, Jazz Stylings for the Piano, along with the included CD, are an example of how things can be done.  

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