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24 Jazz Etudes for Tenor Saxophone (Audio Download)


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24 Jazz Etudes for Tenor Saxophone (Audio Download) is the companion CD for the book (JE015)

Contents of CD:
(tenor sax and rhythm section both channels; tenor sax: left channel only; rhythm section: right channel only)


1.  Tuning Note
2.  C Major
3.  A Minor
4.  F Major
5.  D Minor
6.  Bb Major
7.  G Minor
8.  Eb Major
9.  C Minor
10. Ab Major
11. F Minor
12. Db Minor
13. Bb Major
14.  Gb Major
15.  Eb Minor
16.  B Major
17.  G# Minor
18.  E Major
19.  G# Minor
20.  A Major
21.  F# Minor
22.  D Major
23.  B Minor
24.  G Major
25.  E Minor 


This fully downloadable product is offered as a ZIP file containing each track in MP3 format.



Product Code: CS810


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